Switching from Petroleum to Diesel

I have been told that switching from conventional oil to synthetic can cause blown seals.  Is this true? Are there any other dangers associated with making the switch?
-Mike from Nashville, TN


Switching to AMSOIL synthetic motor oil from conventional oil is painless.  There are more myths about seals and synthetic oils than any other aspect.  If you have a clean engine and you are experiencing no leaks then you will not have any leaks with Amsoil.  On the other hand if the engine is sludged up and the sludge is packed against the seals you may experience a temporary leak.  When the seals have gone for sometime without oil contacting and nurishing the seals they will harden and shrink.  When you install the Amsoil it will aggressively clean out the sludge and open up a path for a leak.  This is only temporary, since the Amsoil contains Ester which will swell the seal 3% to 5% and make the seal supple as new.  Now if the seal is bad then Amsoil can't repair the damage but it can restore a dry seal to function like new.

Dan Watson

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